The Secret Recipe for Success

Hard work is just one ingredient

Success does not come easy. In fact, it requires determination, hard work, consistency, and patience. Successful people didn’t reach their goal overnight; little by little, they worked to develop traits and processes that helped them reach their ultimate goal.

All over the world, successful people view their success as something to work on every day and develop over time.

However, hard work is just one ingredient of the ultimate success recipe. And believe it or not, we do not have the same chances for success. Some of us are privileged to achieve success pretty fast. At the same time, others have to work twice as hard to achieve their goals.

For example, let’s look at YouTube, some creators on YouTube went immediately viral while others are still struggling for views even though they are working twice as hard.

Therefore, it is easy to assume that hard work is only one part of the success recipe even though it is essential.

I will not dance around the subject; let’s dig in and talk about success and how to reach it.

If you remember the band Fort Minors, you might be familiar with the following lyrics from their song “Remember the Name”:

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

The math in the previous lyrics does add up, Remembering the name is the ultimate success goal in this song.

Therefore, the secret recipe can be summed up as:

Success = Luck + Skill + Hard work

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to explain this recipe, let us discuss each item on its own and go thoroughly through its meaning, what it includes, and how you can capitalize on it for your own success.

Let’s start with hard work; it is the most important ingredient.

Hard Work is the main ingredient

Determination, patience, and consistency can all be summed up under hard work. Hard work is not something you do only one day in your life, and then you expect success to land in your lap.

For example, it takes on average 3873 videos for a channel on YouTube to reach 1M subscribers. And it takes on average 1171 videos to have between 100K and 1M subscribers. It requires on average 152 uploads to have 1K to 10K subscribers on youTube.

Of course, those are average numbers, some creators will reach their subscribers’ milestones faster, and some will reach their milestones slower — Here is where luck and skill play a massive role.

If you are uploading 3 videos weekly on YouTube, it will take you, on average, a year to reach 1000 subscribers. Assuming you are using the recommended practices when uploading content to YouTube (SEO; keywords, thumbnails, etc.).

I had over 100 stories on Medium before I had my first $100+ month on Medium.

Whether you aim to become a content creator on YouTube, a freelancer on Fiverr, a writer on Medium, an influencer on Instagram, or even looking for success in a traditional 9–5 job, Hard work and consistency are essential to achieve success.

It would help if you had a lucky chance

Every time you create content, whether on YouTube, Twitter, Medium, or any online platform, you draw a lottery ticket that might win you the jackpot. Of course, you can use best practices and advice to go viral, but it is all about luck.

Success kid meme — source:

Success kid was, is, and will not be the only kid to eat sand on some beach. He was just in the right place (in front of a camera) at the right time (adorable facial expression). The picture also got the right caption “success kid” and was shared by random people on the right platforms — the rest is history.

Luck with regard to success is basically being in the right place at the right time.

One of my stories on Medium went viral (over 11K views) because I wrote it one month before the recent Bitcoin price boom — it was pure luck.

But luck goes beyond online content. Luck and lucky chances can be seen in our daily lives. One can live in the right school district, to go to a school with an amazing athletic program, which paves the way to get an athletic scholarship to a university.

One might be lucky to know the right persons to help one get their first incredible job.

Luck, somehow, is an unfair advantage that some of us have. It does not substitute hard work, but it can accelerate the time horizon in which you reach the next life milestone.

Build on your existing skills

This one is self-explanatory. If you are skilled in playing the piano, for example, and you want to start creating online content, you will probably build on your existing piano skills. If you are already skilled at programming, you will most probably find freelancing jobs on Fiverr or create online content teaching others how to program.

Creating and maintaining a skill requires hard work. However, having a previously acquired skill accelerates your success chances compared to someone who has to start from scratch.

How to apply this recipe to your life?

Success is directly linked to hard work. The more effort you put into something, the higher your chances are of being successful. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you reach your goals.

Discipline and consistency
If there is one habit to ensure success above all others, it’s this — discipline and consistency. You need to remain focused on your goals and be persistent. you cannot achieve your goals if you do not have the required self-discipline and control. Make a list of your goals, big or small, and discipline yourself to work towards these goals daily.

Overcome your fears and disencouragements
Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to overcome your fears. Being fearful will not allow you to grow and face different disencouragements in life. For example, if you met someone who got lucky and became a Youtube sensation overnight, do not allow this to discourage you from trying your best to achieve your goal. Luck is not fair, and you can reach success with zero luck. You just need to put in the hard work.

Expand your horizons
Learn from others and be inspired by them. Read books or blogs and watch success videos on Youtube. Not everything has to be directly linked with your profession or career. You might learn a valuable lesson from someone or something not related to what you do in your professional life. This experience is valuable, and it will open new doors in front of you.

Honesty and self-criticism
Be honest with yourself. If you lack something, find a way to fix it instead of pretending it is not important or that you are good enough. Be objective and honest when you evaluate yourself or compare yourself to others around you in the same career path.

Make your own luck
Luck can accelerate your chances of success, and it is also unpredictable. However, you can work hard to make your own luck. For example, if you are talented at playing or making music, and you post your music on YouTube, you might get lucky if one of your songs goes viral. However, you can also make your own luck by actively sharing your videos with others on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

With hard work and consistency, I guarantee you that you will be successful. Be patient and get inspired by the success of others instead of feeling discouraged.

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