Apple vs. Fortnite — Fight for Freedom or Money

#FreeFortnite is more like #EpicWantsaPieceofThePie

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

You must have heard the news about Fortnite being kicked out of the App Store. Epic Games are arguing that the 30% tax by Apple is unfair and that Apple is a monopoly. At the same time, Epic asked Apple to be allowed to have their own App store, in which Epic will be able to set a tax for themself.

This happened already on PCs when Epic launched its own store and stopped using stream. However, players on PC are not happy at the moment — They have to use different stores to download games. Why would the player ask for this on mobile? Read my opinion about Apple vs. Epic Games fight in the following post on Superjump, a pub about gaming and its culture:

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