A Classic Timepiece Beats Apple Watch Every Day

Mechanical watches are always better than smartwatches

When it debuted back in 2015, the Apple Watch was promoted to become the leading force in wearable watches. Five years later and the Apple Watch failed to live up to the expectations. The Swiss watch market is still on top.

Apple added more features in every new version of the Apple Watch, more fitness features, the ability to measure blood oxygen level, sleep tracking, and much more — Still, it fails to attract mechanical watch lovers. In my opinion:

The Apple Watch fails to meet up with classic timepieces in almost every aspect.

The buying experience

Buying your first timepiece is a great experience and one of the “important” firsts in one’s life. Picking a timepiece, even if an entry-level watch, is a great occurrence. An entry-level timepiece will set you back around $4–5K; the decision is not easy.

Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, picking the right shape, size, color, material, and brand requires extensive study and consideration.

You will visit your jeweler of choice multiple times, try many watches on your wrist, snap the obligatory wrist picture with your smartphone, and you will eventually play in your head the different occasions in which you will look snappy with your timepiece.

The process is unique and one of a kind — It is a story you will be telling for years to come.

On the other hand, buying a smartwatch comes with no emotional experience. Let’s face it; you will change the watch in 3–4 years anyway. Tech companies are fighting for your money, and that is why they made the buying process very seamless and quick — it can be done over the internet.

The emotional connection

A watch is the only wearable you will have on you all the time. A timepiece represents a story and an emotional connection. People always remember their first luxury timepiece, and the majority still owns that watch. In 10 to 20 years, no one will remember their first smartwatch.

People buy their first timepiece on a special occasion — and in case they are watch collectors, they will have a story for every single watch in their position. I bought my first timepiece on the same day after I received a long-awaited promotion. Others buy it on their 30th or 40th birthday, or any significant occasion.

A Timepiece shows emotion, it shows a dream come true on one's wrist

The depreciation

The second you unbox a new luxury watch, its value depreciates on the spot. It continues to depreciate for some years but then the depreciation plateaus.

Smartwatches are filled with tech, which will become “old” in a couple of years. Apple and other smartwatch manufacturers will constantly issue new watches; older models will not hold their retail price. Let’s face it; why would someone pay for a used watch with old hardware or software?

On the contrary, Swiss watchmakers hike up their prices regularly. The price hikes are for new watches; however, used watches’ prices go up with it.

Some Swiss watch models might become very rare and hard to get. In such a case, your timepiece will not depreciate; its value will increase exponentially. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sold for a record-breaking $17.8m in October 2017.

The main objective

Louis Cartier designed the original wristwatch to prevent his aviator friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, from taking his hands off the plane’s control whenever he wanted to check the time while in the air. This is the main objective of a wristwatch — timekeeping.

A smartwatch is a small computer on the wrist. It allows you to shop, listen to music, look at pictures. It measures your heart rate and oxygen levels too, and it can be a distraction from your daily life.

The fitness and health tracking aspects of smartwatches are unique and extraordinary, but for me personally, they are not enough to persuade me to buy a smartwatch.

The unique design

Let me ask you this: How will you react if you went to work and found out that the majority of your coworkers have the same shirt on? You wouldn’t like it, would you?

This is the current situation with smartwatches in general and the Apple Watch in particular — it is not unique.

Master watchmakers take months (if not years) to craft the complicated interior mechanisms behind their classic timepieces. Perpetual calendars indicate (mechanically) the week's day corresponding to any given date in the future. Moon phase watches account for the moon cycle, and other watch complications allow the timing of two separate events or durations.

Apple has a product cycle of 4–5 years top. Soon, a newer Apple Watch will make the older models redundant. Therefore, the uniqueness of a smartwatch is not given.

Swiss watchmakers present innovations as well; however, they do not do it at the same pace as Apple and its smartwatch competitors. Innovation in the mechanical watches industry does not alter the older models obsolete.

Furthermore, in an overwhelmingly digital world, there is a certain charm in owning something analog. A smartwatch is just a new tech addiction — in all fairness, if you got into the hobby of collecting timepieces, it could be an addiction too.

It is timeless

The timeless appearance of a wonderfully crafted Swiss watch makes it an accessory that can be passed down through generations. Whether it is an Omega, a Rolex, or an IWC, a mechanical watch will always look good with whatever you wear. You can wear it to work, to the gym, or even to a black-tie event. The classic look of a mechanical watch fits seamlessly into your outfit and elevates your game.

The Apple Watch is, to some extend, attractive. However, it is still a piece of tech with an expiration date, just like fast fashion. This is the whole point of tech; today's coveted will soon become obsolete in the future.

In the end, If you feel an Apple Watch or any other smartwatch is the right thing for you — go for it. But, keep in mind that its digital nature does not make it special at all.

A Swiss watch is a piece of jewelry that compliments your entire outfit. It is a statement of your personality, success, dreams, and, eventually, emotions. Timepiece enthusiasts will ask you about your watch, and they want to hear its story — Each watch comes with an experience, a set of emotions, and a killer story to tell.

what does a smartwatch say about you?

Walid Al Otaibi -WAO- is a top writer in Gaming. He works at an engineering company in Germany. He comes from a multicultural background and is located in Germany since 2003. He is writing about Arab Culture, Multiculturalism, Finance, and Trending topics.

Engineer, writer, wild thinker, and life-loving. FOLLOW ⤵ www.linkedin.com/in/WAO1

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