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The top changes to come to the next iPhone’s software update

This fall, you’ll be able to add your ID or driving license to your Apple Wallet in some states, watch a movie with your friends through FaceTime, listen to music also together with your friends over FaceTime and see their live reactions. We will be able to customize our home screen depending on the clock and our focus goals.

All this and more is part of the upcoming firmware update iOS 15 for the iPhone, which Apple debuted in their annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, June 7th.

Apple previewed these features and much more — They focused on FaceTime…

It took me less than 10 minutes to create my first NFT

Would you believe that a GIF file was sold for $590K at auction? A crypto art of the Nyan Cat meme was sold for about $590K in February 2021. Are you shocked? Then I guess it is time for you to learn about NFTs and how this may affect us in the future of the internet moving forward.

Oh, if the $590K for the Nyan Cat shocked you, then you will fall off your chair when you learn that Beeple sold an NFT art for $69 million as well.

Are you interested now to learn more about NFTs and how…

Early saving can help you reach the goal pretty fast

You must have heard it a lot:

Becoming a millionaire based only on your salary is impossible.

However, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. It requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and an early start.

The earlier you start saving for your goal, the easier it will be. In this little post, I aim to prove that it is possible regardless of your age. But keep in mind, starting young makes everything easier.

One of the most common pieces of financial advice out there is 60–20–20. It suggests that we should use 60% of our monthly income…

Your easy guide to the hottest social platform at the moment

Clubhouse is still invite-only at the moment, but the company started rolling out its Android version last week — You will get hooked to this app.

The app is growing in popularity, and you might end up getting an invite pretty soon. Since I’ve enjoyed the app for the past three months, I decided to write a short introduction for newbies and new members.

At the end of this story, I’ll provide you with a link to join Clubhouse without waiting for an invite.

What is Clubhouse?

It is a place for voice communication and broadcasting — that’s it in a nutshell. It…


And it is amazing!

Last October, Apple announced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The 2020 iPhone came along with a new line of accessories called MagSafe. MagSafe accessories are magnetically attachable accessories that attach to the backside of the new iPhone.

Apple presented multiple accessories, such as iPhone cases, wireless chargers, iPhone car holders, and a MagSafe leather wallet. The wallet was criticized heavily by the tech reviewers, which was hilarious, to say the least.

Reviewers tried their best to point out an alleged “Design flaw” in the MagSafe leather wallet — Whenever you try to put it into your skinny jeans…

The new devices pay homage to the original iMacs

On Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, Apple unveiled its newest line of iMacs. A refresh and redesign of one of the company’s most important products in the past years. The iMac didn't get a redesign in a long time.

The new all-in-one devices are a major redesign (The first since 2012) with slimmer borders around the screen, flat back, and slimmer design. The new 2021 models have a 24-inch screen, up from 21 inches, and an improved camera, microphone, and speakers.

The new iMac finally got a camera upgrade with a new 1080p camera tailored to video calls, a key feature…

Why are Arabs underrepresented in pop culture?

In the post-2020 era, streaming services are gaining popularity. I usually spend the late hours of the day on my laptop or my smartphone while my TV is running in the background — mostly a light-hearted series or a sitcom; they are easy to follow.

Being of Arab origin, I couldn't help but notice that there were no many Arab characters in the shows I’ve watched. Some Arab characters do exist, but Arabs are underrepresented. I started to wonder when the last time I’ve seen an Arab character in a TV series or a video game was? I’m talking about…

A story of being suddenly under the spotlight

Nowadays, everybody on social media follows at least one influencer. An influencer can be a singer, an actor, a business guru, an Instagram model, or a motivational speaker. Others follow us and are influenced by us and our posts. Nevertheless, we do not have followers in big numbers, and we only influence our small circle of friends and family on our social media.

I used to be one of those people, I had less than 100 followers on Instagram, and I wasn't active on Twitter, TikTok or any other social media apps. I’m just your typical Joe. I won’t lie…

My idea-generation process in 5 simple steps

I’m not a content marketer! And I can’t read or listen to self-improvement content anymore, no matter which platform.

I skipped Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the past two months for Clubhouse. But I found out that self-improvement content followed me there too. Shortly after, I noticed people in my circle on Clubhouse started to get bored from the platform and from the repetitive content of “let me help you become a better (Whatever)!”

If I’m tired of it, aren’t others tired of it as well?

Newcomers and newbies tend to see what other successful creators do, and they try…

Can Clubhouse support in developing smart assistants?

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg was speaking on Clubhouse. Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Elon Musk have all signed up for the app. So have entrepreneurs, social media gurus, life coaches, and fashion bloggers armed with hot opinions and takes on different subjects.

Millions have downloaded Clubhouse in recent weeks. The app is currently invite-only on iOS devices only. The current hype on the app suggests that this app would be the future of social media.

The app is free to use. But how will the app be monetized for creators and the company in the future? …

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