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A story of being suddenly under the spotlight

Nowadays, everybody on social media follows at least one influencer. An influencer can be a singer, an actor, a business guru, an Instagram model, or a motivational speaker. Others follow us and are influenced by us and our posts. Nevertheless, we do not have followers in big numbers, and we only influence our small circle of friends and family on our social media.

I used to be one of those people, I had less than 100 followers on Instagram, and I wasn't active on Twitter, TikTok or any other social media apps. I’m just your typical Joe. I won’t lie…

My idea-generation process in 5 simple steps

I’m not a content marketer! And I can’t read or listen to self-improvement content anymore, no matter which platform.

I skipped Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the past two months for Clubhouse. But I found out that self-improvement content followed me there too. Shortly after, I noticed people in my circle on Clubhouse started to get bored from the platform and from the repetitive content of “let me help you become a better (Whatever)!”

If I’m tired of it, aren’t others tired of it as well?

Newcomers and newbies tend to see what other successful creators do, and they try…

Can Clubhouse support in developing smart assistants?

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg was speaking on Clubhouse. Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Elon Musk have all signed up for the app. So have entrepreneurs, social media gurus, life coaches, and fashion bloggers armed with hot opinions and takes on different subjects.

Millions have downloaded Clubhouse in recent weeks. The app is currently invite-only on iOS devices only. The current hype on the app suggests that this app would be the future of social media.

The app is free to use. But how will the app be monetized for creators and the company in the future? …

How to funnel your Clubhouse followers to your other social media accounts

Since January 27th, 2021, and My followers across all social media platforms are increasing at an incredible rate. I gained 4000+ followers across all social media platforms in less than two months by applying Amazon’s Flywheel method.

I’ve always been able to adapt very fast, and with the new Clubhouse app, I was able to adapt and increase my following at an incredible pace.

On January 27th, 2021, I joined Clubhouse, and traffic towards my social media accounts (especially Twitter and Instagram) went through the roof.

However, the best marketing tool isn't enough if not applied together with the best…

The new app has its own language and tricks that you need to learn

In one month on Clubhouse, I managed to gain over 2,000 followers doing what I do for a living — talking and moderating rooms. I focused on one demographic and one language. I’ve only used Clubhouse so far with Arabic users and networks. I’ve yet to create English- or German-speaking rooms and connect with those on the new voice app.

Your Clubhouse profile is also connected to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Therefore, Clubhouse can easily be used to funnel followers towards your social media profiles — those that you use to promote your online content.

You need to actively…

It prepares them for the future

No, the title is not weird. It is an actual practice that My wife and I do in our household.

Basically, we tax our kids’ allowance. We ask them to put some of their allowances in a family fund. A fund that we use to buy family-related items. In the same fashion, in which we pay our taxes based on our income.

It might sound weird to you (the reader), but we do not see it this way — we believe we are preparing them for the real world, and we teach them in an early stage the importance of…

How the new app is changing marketing and networking as we know it

Clubhouse app on a phone.
Clubhouse app on a phone.

I joined Clubhouse on January 27th, 2021, and it has been the best experience so far. I’ve talked in rooms with poets, startup incubators, news anchors, singers, producers, and songwriters.

In no app other than Clubhouse would I have even had the chance to talk to these people — oh, and they followed me on Clubhouse, and my two Instagram accounts too.

Currently, you can only join the app if you’ve received an invite. In its current stage, the app is full of early adopters. In the three weeks that I’ve been on Clubhouse, I managed to get 1,000+ followers…

My friends tell their Stories

The pandemic, which started in 2020 and continues it 2021 is annoying, to say the least. However, what happens if we turn off the negativity and focus on the positive for a while, what did we learn from the pandemic? And how did it change our perspective on life and our interactions with others around?

I’ve asked my better half, my friends, and myself the hard question; Can you tell me something good or positive that happened in your life in the pandemic? And each of them had something to say.

A quick reminder: We should know, understand, and acknowledge…

A 2-minute summary

Today, we are all dreaming to generate the next viral content. Writers, filmmakers, and Youtubers, who can make unique viral content are in high demand. In this article, I’ll try to go through the process of how to write viral content. Not only that, but we will discuss how to do this well. And let us start with the most essential aspect of writing, being concise.

The most important thing about viral content is that it is concrete. What this means is that it is direct and to the point. If somebody reads your content, they should not have to…

On and beyond Medium!

I’m not an expert on writing myself. Writing for me was a hobby that I adopted during the lockdown in 2020. I had a rough start on Medium in May, but soon after, I was able to find one of the right paths to develop my writings.

Ok! here is my story first, and after that, I’ll explain to you the steps to follow. I’ll try my best to make it as fun as possible — I promise.

I started writing on Medium in May 2020. I wrote only two stories in my first month; one story was published with…

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