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They have been hailed as the next big step in innovation but they serve no practical purpose

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Foldables phones, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, are fascinating. The hardware, foldable screen, and software innovations are noticeable, but does innovation always mean practicality? The answer is a solid “NO” — these phones are just a fad, and they will go away very soon.

My conclusion is based on past market trends as well as current foldable adaptations. So, Let’s get down to business and go through the observations.

Brief history

Mobile phones went through multiple iterations throughout their history. However, three iterations are the most noticeable:

Third-party applications
On the contrary to popular belief, third-party applications are not new. Nokia Symbian operation system allowed a third-party application to be installed on the phone since the late 90s. …

The YouTuber did not give any sources for his video

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No, I will not mention the video here, nor will I mention the YouTuber. I do not want to play a role in promoting their video.

Last month and after the Apple Keynote on October 13th, 2020, I wrote a post here regarding one of the newest iPhone features — MagSafe.

My story is titled “Apple MagSafe Is the USB-C Killer,” it has been published since October 24th, 2020, in The Startup.

The TDLR version of my story is that Apple will not release an iPhone with a USB-C port and that MagSafe is the magical “loophole” that Apple will use to not include a USB-C port in the next iPhones. …

Bitcoin to cross $300K by the end of 2021, according to a leaked Citibank report

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Money photo created by pvproductions
Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes only. It is not a legal or a financial advice. Consult an expert, before making any major financial desicions. 

We all have this friend, relative, or colleague, who keeps telling us the same story repeatedly. It is the story of how this person missed out on the best investment opportunity ever.

Sadly, in today’s story, I will be this person.

In 2010, I was in the last year of my post-graduate program. On one August weekend, I heard for the first time about Bitcoins. What is a cryptocurrency? And how can a non-regulated currency have any value? …

How to grow your followers and expand your niches on Medium

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Designed by slidesgo / Freepik

When I joined Medium in June 2020, I had no definitive plan on how to proceed in this new venture. I wanted to write about Arabic modern culture and finance.

In my early Medium days, non of my stories in the previously mentioned subjects were curated. I was writing for small to medium-sized publications, but the curation gods did not consider me worthy — My writing style was also bad in the beginnings, I came a long way since then.

My success on this platform started in July 2020. I submitted a story to a relatively small, very niche publication, and my story was immediately curated — it was my first curation on the platform. …

Apple’s MagSafe Wallet is the last straw

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Leather Wallet with MagSafe — Screenshot from

When Apple announced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, they announced a new line of accessories called MagSafe alongside the flagship phones. One of the MagSafe accessories is the Leather Wallet with MagSafe. This wallet has been getting heat ever since.

Things got worse when tech reviewers on YouTube started reviewing the wallet, and their videos started to appear on the world’s largest video platform and appeal to their fans. The words silly and misleading are the only two words I can describe these reviews.

All the videos are the same. Reviewers are trying to put their iPhones with the leather wallet in their pockets, and the magnetically attached leather wallet falls off. All the tech reviewers agreed on one thing: Using the Leather Wallet with Magsafe is not safe, and it will drive you mad because it would always fall off your phone every time your phone moves towards your pocket — especially if you like wearing skinny jeans. …

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A walk down memory lane with the Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 was my first ever game console. I owned some of its greatest games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still, by far, my favorite game of all time. It changed my view on video games and gaming culture for years to come.

But the N64 experience wasn’t just great due to its excellent 3D games; there were so many amazing accessories that impacted the way we interacted with our favorite games. Console accessories used to be cool. They added to the overall gaming experience. …

Career and programming

I cannot code sh#t

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Designed by roserodionova / Freepik

Let me confess: I can’t code sh#t. If you want to hear my professional advice, learn it now, and learn it fast.

Why might you ask? Coding simplifies and automatizes your daily tasks. Tasks, which are repetitive and dull, can be done in a few seconds if you know how to code.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

- Stephen Hawking

I use Excel and its functions daily. I’m quite good at using Excel’s various functions. However, when it comes to writing macros in Excel with VBA, I quit. VBA is considered one of the simplest programming languages out there, yet I’m terrified to peek at the code. …

HomePod mini, Echo Dot, or Google Nest Mini?

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HomePod mini — Source:

On November 16th, 2020, the smart speaker market's newest contender enters the game —Apple’s HomePod mini.

Apple knows that Siri cannot compete with Alexa or Google Assistant; they are late to the market. Therefore, Apple focused on sound quality. The original HomePod’s sound quality is unbeatable.

Apple’s HomePod was priced at $349 on release, making it the most expensive smart speaker on the market. Even though the HomePod had superior sound quality, the price tag did not sit well with consumers.

With the HomePod mini, Apple introduces a cheaper entry-level smart speaker to tickle people’s interest in a smart speaker within the Apple echo system. …

10 hours extra battery life

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The new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro — Source:

In WWDC 2020, back in June, Apple announced the transition to Apple Silicon. It promised that the first systems would be shipping by the year’s end. Today, Apple announced not one but three new Macs with their in-house chip named “M1.”

The three Macs are; The MacBook Air, The MacBook Pro, and The Mac Mini. Personally, I was anticipating the Mac Mini and the MacBook Air to be announced — I was shocked by the MacBook Pro announcement. Apple announced in WWDC 2020 that developers could order a Mac Mini to start developing apps for the new lineup, and The MacBook air is basically the next step after the iPad Pro. That’s why those two announcements weren’t a surprise. …

Things will always get better

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Vintage photo created by

Happy people always cheer us up, and they have this strange ability to always ease things up for us in their presence.

They were not born with happy bones — They have the right mindset to be happy and always look at the bright side of life.

We often ask ourselves, how do they always manage to be happy? What is their secret in life? And how can we become just like them?

Happy people do not fake their smiles to get our attention. They demand our attention by their presence.

Happy people always look at the bright side. Things can go wrong in life, and bad stuff can happen to the best people. The secret lies in how we deal with whatever curveball life throws at us. …

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