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Why don’t they understand me correctly?

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Ok, Let me be honest with you guys. I never use Siri on my iPhone. When I’m not home, it's easier for me to grab my phone than to deal with Siri and the possibility for her to misunderstand me.

Even if I want to ask Siri to call someone for me, there is a high chance she will not understand me — Let me explain.

I speak three languages, and I somehow use all three languages at once. Even though my iPhone is set to English, many of my phone contacts are either German or Arabic name. So even if I want to tell Siri to call someone for me, she will probably be too focused on the English pronunciation, and she will understand me wrong — she isn’t that smart. …

Is Earth 2 the next Bitcoin?

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Maybe you have heard of it already, and maybe the hype wave has not yet reached you. However, Earth 2 is currently going viral on all social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit).

Earth 2 is a 1:1 virtual version of our earth. This virtual earth is split into 5.1 trillion land tiles (10m X 10m), classified into three classes.

You can own a virtual land on Earth 2 exactly as you can own a real land on our earth. And if you can own land, you can also buy land from other users and sell your land to other users. The developers announced that shortly each land could be deeply customizable as well. …

Hard work is just one ingredient

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Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Success does not come easy. In fact, it requires determination, hard work, consistency, and patience. Successful people didn’t reach their goal overnight; little by little, they worked to develop traits and processes that helped them reach their ultimate goal.

All over the world, successful people view their success as something to work on every day and develop over time.

However, hard work is just one ingredient of the ultimate success recipe. And believe it or not, we do not have the same chances for success. Some of us are privileged to achieve success pretty fast. …

Hello Dear Money Plot followers,

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Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

I know that I haven’t been active on the Money Plot for a while now. This is an update about what is happening, and I want to know your feedback.

Recently I’ve been busy building hustles and communities on the side. My friend and I started an online print on demand store and started publishing low content books on Amazon.

Our money scheme is to generate multiple income streams.

Also, I’ve rebalanced my savings plans, kept an eye on Bitcoin’s prices, and invested a lot of time in learning new things as well as optimizing my personal financial situation.

I’ll start soon posting regularly to The Money Plot. Please be patient with me.

Is there a special topic you wish to read more about? Let me know!

Stay safe, and I’m looking forward to reading your submissions soon.

Best Regards,


If 2020 taught us anything is that new year’s resolutions are meaningless

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Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Back on December 31st, 2016, I updated my Facebook status to:

No new year new me nonsense. I’m awesome and I will stay the same.

Clearly, it was intended as a joke at the time. But Facebook keeps reminding me every year on December 31st about this status update. And every December 31st, I reshare this post — a tradition that I did on December 31st, 2020 too.

The idea of setting a new year’s resolution never crossed my mind. It felt more of a societal pressure than a personal goal — everyone has a new year’s resolution, so why shouldn't I have one. …

How a group of TikTokers created an easy-to-use dispense bottle for Parkinson’s pills

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

It was just a normal day of me scrolling through TikTok — Yes, I’m a 35 years old male with a TikTok account. As usual, my feed was filled with new trends, challenges, funny clips, and different dances.

Suddenly, a video from a user called Brianalldridge pops into my feed (The video is linked here). This video started an incredible chain of events.

Brian saw Jimmy Choi's video, a 2 World Record Holder, endurance athlete, 4x Ninja Warrior, and he is living with Parkinson's disease. Jimmy had posted a previous video on TikTok, in which he filmed himself grabbing a Parkinson’s pill from its container. …

Crisis at the Capitol

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Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

On January 6, 2021, rioters supporting United States President Donald Trump’s actions to overturn the 2020 presidential election’s results stormed the Capitol. They breached multiple police perimeters, damaged, and occupied parts of the building for several hours. This disturbed a joint session of Congress to count the electoral votes and formalize Jow Biden’s victory. A session that should have been just a routine based on old traditions from the early days of the united states.

The rioters were summoned by President Trump to Washington, D.C., to demand the Congress and Vice President Mike Pence to reject Biden’s victory. This was part of his effort to overturn the election’s results and further action in his ongoing, persistent, and false claim that the elections had been stolen from him. …

And why I hope everybody will too

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Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

Countries around the world started rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine. Step by step, the vaccine will be given to groups of people (healthcare professionals, high-risk population, system-relevant jobs, etc.).

Now that the vaccine is rolling out, it does not mean life will go back to normal immediately. Some groups will not be getting the vaccine soon, and it is our collective duty to try our best to protect them.

First of all, let me tell you that the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer/ BioNTech & Moderna) is brilliant at a scientific level. …

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Online social games made it effortless to connect with friends and loved ones over the last year

On the last day of February 2020, I directed everybody in my team to go into remote work and to work from home. We started gradually, first people commuting with public transportation, then we didn't allow for two-person offices, and by mid-March, we went into government mandatory lockdown.

Countries all over the world went into lockdown, some being more strict than others. My friends and I all over the world were now under lockdown with social distancing guidelines in place. …

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