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You can sell your car in 30 mins

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We don’t always have to look at Silicon Valley to find the next giant tech company. Tech companies can emerge anywhere in the world. Tech companies do not always have to create a new market segment; they can venture into an existing one and become the biggest player in this segment.

Saygin Yalcin created the biggest online car selling platform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Yalcin created and launched …

Money habits made easy

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I’m always eager to learn how other millennials are living around the world. How much are they paid? And how do they spend their money? A couple of YouTubers will host an episode where they talk about their spendings and earnings, but these YouTubers do not represent your typical millennials.

Almost a year ago, I was looking for videos about Beyond Meat; I wanted to understand more about the company before I buy some of its stocks. And my YouTube search landed me on CNBC Make It Channel — and boy am I happy it did.

CNBC Make It wants to help you get smarter about how you earn, save, and spend your money. …

We might never see a USB-C iPhone now that MagSafe is here.

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MagSafe accessories — Source:

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 on October 13th, 2020. For the first time ever, Apple announced four new models — a model for everyone.

As it is the case with every new smartphone release, the tech enthusiasts immediately published their reactions, thoughts, disappointments, and future predictions. It is a race for content, and may the best person win.

Apple announced a controversial topic in its latest event. There is no power adapter or wired headphones in the box of the new iPhone. People are split into two groups here: The first group does not care because they have multiple power adapters lying around in their homes, while the second group is furious; they see this move as a money grab stunt by the giant tech company. …

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